There's nowhere like it on earth

There are so many reasons to protect the Great Australian Bight: majestic southern right whales, endangered Australian sea lions, our biggest fishing communities, pristine beaches, hundreds of kilometres of towering cliffs and some of the most unique marine life on Earth.

Unique marine life

The Great Australian Bight is home to more unique species than the Great Barrier Reef with more than 85% of the species that live there found nowhere else on Earth. It’s also home to the endangered Australian Sea Lion, the only pinniped endemic to Australia.

Whale sanctuary

The Bight is home to over 27 species of whale and dolphin, including blue whales and one of the world’s largest breeding populations of the endangered southern right whale. These majestic creatures make the epic trip from the waters of Antarctica to rest and give birth.

Catastrophic spill

The oil companies’ proposed drilling locations are far offshore in in the wild, windy Southern Ocean and in waters more than 2.5km deep. If an accident occurs it will be impossible to stop an oil spill before the damage is done and spill modelling shows that oil would likely reach places like Kangaroo Island in just 15 days.


Southern Australia's unique ocean ecosystems and stunning coastlines support tight-knit fishing communities and treasured tourist destinations like Esperance, the Great Ocean Road and Kangaroo Island, that would all be at risk from a devastating spill.

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A disaster waiting to happen

If Equinor’s reckless oil drilling goes ahead in the Great Australian Bight, the threat of another catastrophic spill on the scale of Deepwater Horizon is all too real. There is no safe drilling in the Bight's deep, wild waters.

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Equinor, the state-owned Norwegian oil giant formerly known as Statoil, wants to drill the Great Australian Bight. This is a company that has seen an increase in accidents and oil spills as it cuts costs, is willing to push safety boundaries by taking on dangerous oil exploration where no one else will, and has even been accused of spying on its opponents.

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It’s not just oil drilling that poses a threat. Oil companies use seismic blasting to find out where to drill. These blasts can be loud enough to deafen whales, drive away fish, and damage marine life all along the food chain. Whales and dolphins depend on their hearing to locate prey and predators and to communicate with mates. A deaf whale is a dead whale.

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Every day the clock ticks down on the oil age. The price of renewables is plummeting, electric vehicles are booming and the world is cutting down on fossil fuels. But still reckless companies like Equinor are racing to plunder the last untouched oil reserves in the earth. We can’t afford to burn the oil we already know about. It’s madness to risk the Bight for new, climate-wrecking oil we don’t need.

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We need you to join us.Defend the Bight!

It’s up to us to keep the Bight - and the communities and incredible ocean ecosystems that depend on it - safe from Big Oil.

Are you with us? Tell the Australian Government to protect the the Bight from Big Oil.

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