STATOIL: Step out of the Bight

The Great Australian Bight is one of the world’s last unexploited areas – a pristine wilderness off Australia’s southern coastline, home to a critical whale sanctuary, tight-knit coastal communities and fishing towns, and more unique species than the famous Great Barrier Reef. But all of this is threatened if Norwegian oil giant Statoil goes ahead with their plan to drill in the Bight.

The movement against oil, led by First Nations People around the world, is calling for Statoil to end their exploitation of the earth and sea.

Sue Haseldine and Beaska Niillas


Will you stand with them and add your name to the open letter?

Dear Statoil,

We write as a First Nations people. We are Sue Haseldine, a Kokatha Elder from South Australia, and Beaska Niillas, Leader of the Norwegian Saami Association. We write on behalf of people around the world that are fighting to protect their Country, livelihoods, and water from dangerous oil drilling and climate change.

We write from across borders in solidarity with Indigenous brothers and sisters everywhere. We respect each other and we respect one another’s Country and seas. We remind you of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – ratified by Norway and Australia – which states that Indigenous peoples must have free, prior and informed consent in regards to their spiritual property being exploited. Consent to drill the Great Australian Bight has been neither sought, nor given.

We ask that Statoil abandon their plans to pursue risky deepwater oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight, and around the globe. We call on Statoil to instead invest in our country in clean and renewable energy. Statoil must respect the Indigenous custodians of the land and sea from who you wish to extract oil and gas.


Sue Haseldine, Kokatha Elder
Beaska Niillas, Leader of the Norwegian Saami Association (NSR)

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