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The Great Australian Bight is one of the world’s last unexploited areas – a pristine wilderness, home to a critical whale sanctuary, tight-knit coastal communities and fishing towns, and more unique species than the famous Great Barrier Reef.  Are you with us? 

But it is under threat from oil drilling as increasingly desperate oil companies push for their last big score as easy to find oil dries up with their search pushing them into riskier and riskier ventures like the fragile wilderness frontiers of the Arctic, Amazon, and Great Australian Bight.

If they get their way the threats of an oil spill, deafening seismic blasting and climate destruction are all too real. The well is 1 km deeper than the Deepwater Horizon, they are rougher seas. It’s simply too risky and there is no reward. BP did the modelling and it was catastrophic. When the people who bring you the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster think something is too risky you really have to sit up and listen. Are you with us? 

A spill in the Bight would be catastrophic. Its marine ecosystem and the thriving local communities who rely on a healthy Bight for their livelihoods would be devastated.

These communities include industries like the tourism operators on Kangaroo Island and fishing families who have been creating jobs in harmony with the environment for generations.

And they are being risked at a time when spills and other accidents on oil rigs are on the rise. These companies are only concerned with making as much money, as cheaply as possible, then moving on.  

It is unfair and the big oil companies have a completely different set of rules than the people who live in and around the Great Australian Bight. In some cases the pay no tax, break promises to workers and community leaders, and pay no penalties for polluting spills that create long lasting damage.

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